The end of the dreary cold months might seem close but despite the sunny days, the Netherlands is freezing. Bad news is, it looks like the below-zero temperatures are here to stay. 

According to the weather reports, this Thursday was the coldest day of the whole week. With temperatures dropping to as low as -8, yesterday March 1st was the coldest since 1947.

Despite the freezing cold, February has been an extremely sunny month. Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute m stated that we have experienced the second sunniest February of all time! I guess you can’t have it all.

To the Dutch this means, break out the ice skates. The Dutch Skaters Union is planning to announce their first skating marathon on natural ice somewhere . The host of this fun event will be one of the four skating clubs in the North East of the Netherands namely Noordlaren, Arnhem, Veenoord or Haaksbergen. 

In order to make the marathon happen, the ice must be at least 3cm thick. With this weather, id say they have a great chance!

Bundle up and grab some skates and hit the canals!