Are you having trouble looking for local underground music, film, art, in Amsterdam?

The answer is Subbacultcha

Subbacultcha is a platform as well as a magazine to showcase all of the above through their monthly issues and weekly events in local bars and venues.

You can join their membership for 8euros/month to get access to all of their events for free.

They also have multiple different ongoing projects;

The Wrapping Paper project – Beautiful and unique wrapping paper designed by different local artists.

Special Issues – Examining different types of creatives such as; fashion designers, visual artists, coming together for joint projects.

Art/Photography exhibitions – Showcasing new local artists in their residency or in local galleries.

Becoming a member grants you special opportunities to be sent to different cities in Netherlands for a day or music festivals or receiving many giveaways of merch, books, movie tickets, etc.

They are also always looking for creative people to join their team if you are interested in this world; positions in graphic design, distributing, marketing, production, booking, etc.