Mens hairstyles can be very diverse.

There are more hairstyles for men than you might think.

Here are 3 different haircuts I did to show the wide range of different lengths and styles to suit 3 different type of men.

Fade undercut :

Using clippers on the sides and back to create a clean tapered fade. The top is cut with a precise angle and length to suit the direction he pushes it back while keeping some volume. The sides and top are softly blended as well to avoid a severe transition.

Classic clean conservative cut :

Using only shears to create this classic side part look. This style requires styling products such as wax or gel to keep the specific shape of the haircut. Because of the sharp side part it must always be parted at the designated part. Scissor cuts have a soft and natural finish compared to clippers being used. This means it will grow out more naturally and not as thick due to thinning shears.

Medium long:

Using only shears again for this natural “undercut”. The top and sides do not really connect but has the effect of being blended. This style can be worn with no product for a natural look or with product for a slicked back formal look as well.