When is the best time to see flowers in Holland?

Starts next week!


The long spring season with cool nights makes Holland the perfect country for tulip growing. The soil in the polders is continuously drained, creating perfect growing conditions for tulip bulbs.

From mid March to the end of May, the tulips transform big parts of Holland into a colorful patchwork quilt. If you are traveling to Holland do see the tulips in April, you will discover fields filled with gorgeous color everywhere.

Keukenhof is the most famous flower field to visit in Holland. More than 6 million tulip bulbs are planted in this expansive park every year, and its English style landscape gardens are absolutely breathtaking. Keukenhof also organizes events throughout the season, including a huge flower parade on April 22.

Noordoostpolder is another place that is a must visit during the spring time. This large landmass is covered in flower fields and is among the best places in all of Netherlands to experience tulip season. Many farms in Noordoostpolder offer guided tours of their fields, and the whole area is exceptionally bike friendly.

Also right here in Amsterdam, you will find every garden and open space will be covered in potted tulips. In addition to its floating flower market and other culturally orientated attractions, Amsterdam also hosts a massive tulip festival.

You can also find these flowers throughout beautiful Holland starting now 🙂

Snowwhites – February-March

Crocus – February-March

Daffodils – March-April

Hyacints – April-May

Tulips – April-May