Hello Assort team & clients,

Today’s post is about some encouraging environmental new here in holland,
As many of you know the Netherlands is world famous for its bike friendly cities. This week a new path was opened in the town of Zwolle. Unlike traditional cycle lanes this is a pilot design made purely using disregarded plastics. The path was funded by Dutch engineers KWS, the oil and gas conglomerate Total and is one of the many new sustainable projects to arise in recent years by the designers Anne Koudstaal and Simon Jorritsma.

If successful they hope all future paths to be built utilizing this material and production. The 30 meter stretch was comprised of approximately 218,000 plastic cups and bottles, hoping to help tackle the issue of pollution the Dutch have praised the design, not only for the unique materials used but also because the prefabricated sections of cycle path are light and hollow making them easy to transport and 70% quicker to install. The cables and utility pipes are able to be easily fitted inside, and the path is designed to drain off rainwater making them safe and durable throughout the changing seasons.

The EU have entered into a recent agreement to make all single use plastics and packaging biodegradable or reusable by the year 2030 and with more people becoming aware of their personal impact on the planet and our consumption habits and waste the path is a world first and hopes to be an inspiration for other cities and encourage more innovative ideas.


In a city with over 800,000 bikes and 56% of residents choosing this mode of transport daily the eco structure is a promising sign of more conscious earth friendly urban landscapes, We hope to see them installed here in Amsterdam in the near future.

Hope this post has been of interest,