What is a squat?

Squats are when abandoned buildings are converted into artists workplaces, a cafe, a restaurant, an anarchist library, a recording studio, stages for performers, and organizing alternative events. Squatting in Holland used to be legal for years until 2011 when a new law banned the Amsterdam squats. But there are still a few across Amsterdam that you definitely need to check out!

OT301 / de peper

An old film academy turned into an alternative cultural center with a stage for music and film, and a vegan restaurant. A non commercial, not for profit vegan and organic cafe project. There is a fixed menu for a low price for what they are serving that day.


This space is most famous for its political views, debating globalism, capitalism, animal rights, anarchism, and feminism. Bar and venue for local artists to perform.

OCCII and De Binnenpret

This squat offers weekly programme of music and live performances. It is located in a former horse tram station. The old stables are converted into different creative spaces as well as cafe and restaurant and apartments.


This building has a downstairs dedicated to artists workplace and art gallery, the rest is low cost apartments for the artists. This set-up, which combines living and working space, is above all fruitful due to the community which it creates: a tight knit of artists who not only influence and inspire each other but who manage, maintain and improve their living spaces through cooperation and a rather democratic approach to problem solving.